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Amber Bravo is a Brooklyn-based writer and editor. If you google her name, approximately 20% of the images that surface are actually her. This may be because "Amber" peaked as the 13th most popular girl's name in 1986, five years after she was born. She has worked for many publications like Zoetrope All-Story,Dwell, Grafik, ID, ReadyMade and The Fader writing about design, architecture, art and music. Currently, she is helping to shape the voice of Herman Miller. She is an arbiter of beautiful things but is well aware that is a completely subjective skill set. Still, she quietly believes she is right.

But while you wait this might be of interest:


Story by Amber Bravo
Featured in The Fader

Photography by Jason Nocito

There is a heavenly light in New York's Bowery Ballroom at two in the afternoon. Being that it's a nighttime place, few would know it, but the sun just pours in all day long through a wide, arched, south-facing window. It's at this bright, odd hour that Solange Knowles, as sunny and ethereal as her name would suggest, arrives to rehearse for her second performance in a sold-out run of shows this past December. Dressed smartly in a flounced tunic, a pair of pumpkin-colored trousers and T-strap heels, she looks as if she could just as easily be heading to a job interview, and her hair, the only unruly detail in this otherwise business-chic look, forms a broad, hazy black halo around her delicate features.

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